Rethink the Rainbow

Shining a light on childrens mental health.

A multimedia eBook containing activities, stories, narrations and video’s donated by real people, to inspire our children in these unprecedented times. 

We are asking for a minimum donation of £9.99 for the eBook. You are welcome to donate more if you like,

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Welcome to

Re-think The Rainbow

We are Emily ‘Madge’ Payne, children’s author, and Samantha Maeer, Business Systems Manager.

Two very down to earth women, with no previous experience in a project this big. An extremely limited budget, but loads of passion, tenacity, and drive.
We are ACTING to raise awareness about children’s metal health. Because it’s necessary NOW and someone has to do it!

Our aim is specifically to raise awareness about children’s mental health, how they learn and literacy. It’s for an amazing cause as 100% of the proceeds will go to a variety of children’s mental health charities.

Charities we are supporting.

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About Rethink the Rainbow

What are we doing?

Creating a compilation eBook containing activities, stories, narrations and video’s donated by real people, to inspire our children in these unprecedented times. We will sell this to raise money for a selection of grass roots (not huge) children’s mental health charities, to help them help the kids.

Why are we doing it?

Because we are terrified about Children’s mental health. 83% of children who have had a previous mental health condition have said since Covid-19 it has got worse. How are those coping in abusive or unstable households? Children are resilient, yes! But surely there’s a ceiling? The statistics were, and are scary, who knows what they will be like post COVID? This absolutely terrifies us, so we’re doing what we can to raise awareness and make a difference.

What have we done already?

  • Three solid weeks work to get our base network of teachers and other passionate people on board, so we have the professionals on hand.

  • Had the cover image for the book donated by the ‘Yorkshire Banksy’ Rachel List.

  • Please help us to get this out and about to the 68 million people in the UK.
Love this book! A real burst of colour and sunshine in our grey world. It’s full of mixed emotions, great (heart-wrenching) stories, poems and positivity. I am sure the diverse content will open up the chance for parents to talk to their children about, well, anything. More please!
Simon Collett

Help us to shine a light on children's mental health


Who we have Onboard

Denise Coates

Denise Coates is a breast cancer survivor, who has just been offered her first publishing deal to share her story to help others through such a difficult time. She has donated our title story Re-Think The Rainbow.

Danny Steggall

Daniel has been in the business of show since the age of 12, starting out playing Dodger in the Thorndyke Theatre in Lionel Bart’s Oliver. At 15 he played Dukesey in Grange Hill. By 16 he was in a band, by 17 recording albums as a studio assistant and working on Top of the Pops, he went on to work on well over 1000 episodes. Now an Assistant Director, TV Floor Manger and Voice Over Artist he continues to produce and write songs, scripts and screenplays. He wrote the Bubble Dragon for his son and has kindly donated it Re-Think The Rainbow. His wife Rachel has also done the awesome voiceover for our Re-Think The Rainbow video.

Emily 'Madge' Payne

Emily ‘Madge’ Payne is a children’s author of The Poetry Princess series, she has been helping children with their anxiety with her book Inner Buddy, she has been told she sounds like Pam Ayers .Emily is the creator of Giant L.E.A.P.E.R Learning helping children with their reading and also the co-creator of Re-Think The Rainbow with her partner in crime Samantha Maeer.

Tom Hamling

Tom released his debut rhyming picture book from his Bella & Jack Adventure Series in 2019! He and his wife both write for popular parenting blog ‘See What Mummy Says’. Tom’s books are beautifully illustrated by Rachel Edwards.

Eleanor Baggaley

Eleanor is the creator of The Snowdrop Story. Encouraging children of all ages to dream big, follow their hearts and aim for the biggest scariest goals in their lives. Eleanor is a Mum of 3 and her vision is to empower all children and young people to enable them to be successful.

Kris Fuller

Kris is an author with Waldorf Publishing, a self published e-book author, blogger and the CEO of Your Life Sparkles. She has taught in public education in England, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. She lives in Enderby, Canada with her handsome husband, Ben and cat, Mia Valentina.

Dr Robert DeFinis

Dr Robert DeFinis has been working with athletes, coaches, teams, leaders, and organizations for over twenty years, consistently leveraging optimal performance strategies into success stories. He is also the creator of Total Optimal Performance Solutions, and host of Rising to the TOP Podcast. Dr. DeFinis created RDF Books in 2020, and writes children’s books dealing with contemporary issues and team play.

Shirley Canham

Shirley owns the business Healing at heart, and has been running it for nearly a year. Helping a variety of different people, with different ailments to live their best lives. She is an holistic healer who is a certified emotion code practitioner.


Described as the “United Nations of Children” by internationally acclaimed poet and literary critique, Professor Benjamin Zephaniah, WAPPY is an established social enterprise, founded as a community organisation with Ealing Council funding in 2008. We develop the creative expression skills of young people (4 to 26 years), from diverse cultural backgrounds, (through afterschool and holiday workshops), and train them to be skilled performers of their creativity, which they will later have published, exhibited or recorded. WAPPY also provides research and artist-interviewing experiences for our members, training and volunteering opportunities for anyone seeking work and career progression. Some members who have grown up with WAPPY also volunteer with us.

Phillip Marshall

Phillip is a Deputy Manager within a Specialised Therapeutic
Children’s Home in Newcastle. He has been doing this role for over 20 months and
has been working in Residential Childcare for around 6 years. He has set up his own brand, “Never Write Me Off” which has a focus around Motivational speeches and 1-1 coaching, sharing The Power of Positivity.

Kelly Hannaghan

Kelly is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant and has spent her professional career passionately focussing on enhancing the opportunities and life chances of people in education. Through the power of her mental health training and therapeutic relationship skills, she has successfully led a school on the Wellbeing Award for Schools process, resulting in the school being the first nationally to achieve this. Kelly is an active speaker, blogger and active writer of wellbeing in education and is passionate about creating the conditions under which teachers and pupils and families flourish. Her approaches in leading school development processes have created outstanding outcomes. She is the founder of the ‘Family Matters’, empowerment program that supports family health and wellbeing, positive relationships healing trauma and positive parenting strategies, this has resulted in outstanding outcomes for family engagement. Her work has been recognised by the Department for Education, The NCB and the Anna Freud Centre..

Jamie Uppington

14 Year Old Student. Breakthrough Graduate. Speaker. Boxer. Having faced many significant mental health challenges early on in life and struggling at school, Jamie has turned his life around. Jamie undertook a student coaching programme which helped him to become more a successful, happy and confident. Jamie now runs an inspirational Instagram account called – The Only Way Is Upp to help young people struggling with their mental health. Jamie also shares his experiences on stage as a speaker to support more young people. Alongside his work with inspiriting and helping others, Jamie is a keen boxer and loves physical exercise.

May Whyte

Has almost 20 years’ experience working in the field of mental health. With a remit as diverse as helping veterans with PTSD, to teaching Mindfulness to young people to help them manage stress and anxiety. May passionately believes that mindfulness is a practice, and a lifestyle choice. Our minds need to be nourished, just as much as our bodies. She works with businesses, schools, community groups and on an individual 1 to 1 basis to offer tailored Mindfulness and Stress management mental health programmes to support individuals to take control of their mental wellbeing. Teaching mindfulness techniques for stress management and resilience building, that can be used daily to stay grounded, focused and stress free. May is a mental health professional and award-winning speaker 2018. Education coordinator and Mindfulness Teacher at the Clarion Educational Foundation Charity. Mental Health Practitioner Pgd Cert (Psych) RNMH, BA (Hons), Registered Mindfulness Teacher (British Psychological Society Approved Training)

Re-Think The Rainbow

Positivity In a pandemic

Rethink the Rainbow

Shining a light on childrens mental health.

A multimedia eBook containing activities, stories, narrations and video’s donated by real people, to inspire our children in these unprecedented times.