Giant L.E.A.P.E.R Learning Solution pack

Who is this pack for?

The pack was originally designed for dyslexic children, to provide them with an alternative way to learn to read and write and absorb information. However, when we were testing it, we discovered that it was fantastic for any child. We found that any child with a basic knowledge of reading and writing, who knows their alphabet and can write a simple sentence loved how interactive and fun it was.


At the end of the course you will:

🧠 Know and recognise your child’s default learning style

📊 Be equipped to help your child learn in any circumstance

🔎 Know what type of activities are best suited to their learning style and do more of them

🛠 Know which tools are essential for your child and learn how to use them for the rest of their life

🤳 Know how to communicate more effectively with your child and manage learning anxiety

🤩 Have had a lot of fun spending quality learning time with your child

💻 Know how to manage stressful learning situations step by step

👩‍💻 Have created your own learning corner

💪 Have helped your child become a more confident reader

⏱ Have completed 100-minutes of reading (5 modules to give your child great new perspective on learning and the right tools to keep reading every day for 10 minutes. The additional 5 days for reading are made super easy with our read along audio and video book.)


What do I do with the pack?

  1. Finding out your child’s learning style is key to understanding HOW they learn.
  2. Usually there is one learning style which is more pronounced – Visual, Kinaesthetic, Auditory or Logical.
  3. See the pack for more details and activities suited to your child’s default style.
  4. Set aside 20 minutes per day to go through the exercises with your child.
  5. Work through the modules from 0 – 5 and then print off and present the learning certificate.

“Would like to recommend this program. I am so impressed with the layout and how it helps children. Very well thought out.”

Shirley, Facebook

About us

Children’s author Emily ‘Madge’ Payne and Project Manager Samantha Maeer have come together to create a brand new way of learning, with their Giant L.E.A.P.E.R Learning Solution pack for C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N.

Our mission

Is to help children who struggle with their reading, by teaching them about their own unique way of learning, through different learning styles.